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1.  Who or What is Charity Coins?

            Charity Coins is a loving work of Keystone Kingdom, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  Since 2003, we have helped to feed hundreds and hundreds of orphans in Belize and Rwanda with 100% going to the cause!    We are located in Lemont, PA, a small village in State College, PA.

2.  How Do I Contact Charity Coins?

           Please click here and this will take you to our Contact Form.  There, we can email you and answer your questions or even call you if you ask.
Or, better yet, visit us at for more information.

3.  How Do I Send Donations of Coins To You?

            A.  Include a written form with your name, address, phone and EMAIL!  Include a detailed list of what you are sending and it's value.  You will receive a tax-deductible receipt thru email. (Don't worry, your email will always remain private!)  By sending receipts thru email, we save lots of postage and time, allowing us to put your gifts into the field, instead of overhead!

            B. General packaging tips:

            - Do not mail loose coins in a standard envelope; they can cause the envelope to tear during transit and some or all of your coins may get lost.

            - Insert enough padding around your coins so that they don’t rattle.

            - Seal your package with plenty of tape.

            - Please do not tape your coins to a card.

            - Heavy boxes get dropped, tossed and abused. Use a coin bag from the bank, or at least “double bag” your coins in case your box is damaged.

4.  I have a big jar of coins. What’s the best way to ship my coins?

If you have a large quantity of coins, consider using a USPS Flat Rate box (there’s no weight limit!). Seal the coins in one or more plastic bags (many shippers “double-bag” their coins); put the coins in the box.  (Don't Forget To Include Your Note Containing Your Name, Address, Phone, Email and List Of Coins and Values!);  Insert enough padding so the coins don’t rattle; seal the box with plenty of tape; address and mail them to Charity Coins, PO Box 300, Lemont, PA 16851.

Important note regarding larger flat rate boxes: When shipping a medium-sized flat rate box (20-45 lbs. of coins), we strongly recommend that you pack your coins in a heavy plastic coin bag, just in case the box is damaged in transit. You can usually get one or more of these for free from your local bank.

5.  I have just a few coins. What’s the best way to ship my coins?

We have found that the best method for shipping very small quantities of coins is to place them in a Zip-Loc bag; fold them tightly in your packing list; place the bundle in a “bubble” or padded envelope; and mail the envelope to Charity Coins.
CAUTION: Do not mail loose coins in a standard envelope. They can cause the envelope to tear during processing at the Post Office and get lost, or may result in your envelope being returned to you for additional postage. For larger quantities, but fewer than a big boxful, consider using a USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box. These are the 9X5X1.5 inch cardboard boxes — and you can mail a lot of coins for a flat rate of around $5.15.

6.  Should I insure my shipment?

The choice is yours, but keep in mind that we assume no responsibility for your shipment until it arrives at our office.

7.  Can I really earn more money by donating my coins to Charity Coins than by selling them to a dealer?

In many cases: Yes! We help some of our donors get back more money on their tax returns thru their charitable contributions than they might have if they sold their coins!  It's moral, ethical, legal and times more fulfilling!  Simply put:  Many dealers only pay a fraction of a coins real value.  You are allowed to declare full value towards your charitable deductions.  In many cases, the amount to a bigger refund in your tax return than you might get from a local coin dealer.  Please confirm your situation with your CPA or have them contact us.  More questions?:  Send us an email and we will contact you back!

What do I put on my donation form? 

Great question!  Please include the following:  (and print very clearly!)
-  Your name
-  Your address
-  Your phone and or mobile phone number
-  Your email (to receive a tax-deductible receipt)
-  Your donations 
NOTE:   For valuable coins - please include the following for each:
Type of coin (dollar, penny, etc), year, mint, condition - 
MS-62, MS-65, AU-50 or whatever, & the Value!  
If the coin is encased in a plastic holder or "Slab", please 
also include the grading service and grade.  For example:
NCG AU-58 or ANACS MS-64, or PCI MS-64, etc.
Our tax-deductible receipt will show the value you state.

James 1:27 says:  Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.    


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