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Foreign Coins

What do I do with my Euros?  Can you put them to a good use?

What do I do with my Pounds?  Can you put these to a good use?
How can I use my Euro's, Pounds, Francs, or other currency for a good use instead of them sitting on my dresser for years?  Can you help?

I have coins from Europe, Ireland, the UK, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Brazil and New Zealand.  Can you do anything with them?  Can you put them to good use?

These are common questions people ask us.  Our answer is:   YES!!!

Your Foreign coins will help us feed orphans in Belize & Rwanda!

Here is a list of foreign currency we need for donation to help us feed our kids:

Euro:   All Notes and
 Dollar Coins (€2, €1) only.

U.K.:  All Pound Notes and Pound coins (£2, £1) only

Canada:  All notes and All coins!

Switzerland:  All notes and All coins!

In addition, we can use the following to help feed our kids:

Austria:  Austrian Schilling

Belgium:  Belgian Franc

Germany:  Deutsche mark (Notes and Coins!)

Ireland:  All Pound notes and Pound Coins

Brazil:  All paper notes.  No coins.

Australia:  All paper notes.  No coins.

New Zealand:  All paper notes.  No coins.



Make sure you ONLY send the one's with the green arrows!

If you have UK Pounds: 

If you have Canadian Currency - We accept it all, all notes and coins!

If you have Swiss Notes and Currency - We accept it all, all notes, all coins!

???Questions???    Visit our FAQ's Page (Frequently Asked Questions) HERE for more info.

If you have questions on how to mail coins to us, they are answered on our FAQ's page.

   100% of all donations go to the field for use.  This separates us for almost all other charities where normally less than  50% may actually get to the orphans!

Just care to donate to help feed orphans?  You can click on the Paypal link below:



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